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Tech-Enhanced Pharma & RWE

Digital Biomarkers & Therapeutics
+high-touch Patient Digital Experience
for enhanced clinical success


Medicinia develops custom technologies in partnership with pharma that improve the clinical success of transformational medicines
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Clinical Success

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Digital Biomarkers and Digital Therapeutics

Patient Digital Experience

"Our technologies are designed to improve the clinical success of drugs and patients by creating patient convenience, adherence and engagement while collecting real-world data in clinical development and post-marketing" 

Daniel de Moraes Branco, founder


When Technology Makes
a Difference

This is how we use technology to enhance clinical success:


  • It helps patients to actually see and monitor the biomarkers that have an impact on their specific disease and health status;

  • It promotes adherence and engagement;

  • It streamlines the acquisition of real-world data (RWD);

  • It helps HCPs and trial managers to monitor disease progression or regression;

  • It gives confidence to patients in their daily lives to manage risk in a way that would be impossible by relying only on traditional biomarkers such as labs and imaging;

  • It provides real-time patient status information; 

  • It helps providers communicate clinical outcomes to payers;

  • It helps show clinical efficacy in clinical development;

There are so many opportunities to using technology in drug development and post-marketing. Reach out to us to discuss how Medicinia can help you with your specific situation.


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Our team

Testimonials from professionals who

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"Our patients' experience and satisfaction is our biggest metric patient success.

At Medicinia, we seek to continuously monitor the entire patient/user journey, using usability evaluation and analytical methods that enable a personalized experience for every therapeutics."


Felipe Kariri

UI/UX Team

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