Our Platforms


The platform connects clinics to their patients, providing personalized follow-up.

On the web platform, clinics can track treatment success metrics, generate reports, manage and measure patient engagement, schedule appointments, send text messages and hold video calls with patients.

With the app, patients communicate directly with your clinic and receive important notices about their treatment.

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Neurophysium by Medicinia is a virtual assistant for patients undergoing physical therapy for neurological rehabilitation.


In Medicinia's patient journey monitoring platform, we use demonstration videos to show patients how to do the exercises;

Then we use pose detection technologies to assess how well the exercise is being executed by the patient. That's our digital biomarker; We use it to make sure the therapy is being effective.

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Nani Saúde is a telemedicine platform that emerged to change the way healthcare is treated today.


We have a multidisciplinary team that follows the concepts

of proactive medicine and primary care, providing integrated care focused on prevention and health promotion.


Our journey combines the vision of the family doctor, nutritionist and physical therapist to create a personalized care plan and encourage the adoption of a routine of

healthy habits.